Curiosity in the Workplace, with Alison Horstmeyer, Ph.D.

“Curiosity is so aligned with intrinsic motivation — it is self-directed. You choose to be curious. You choose to make the pause.” ~ Alison Horstmeyer

This is a show all about curiosity. We talk about research and theory, but mostly it’s conversations about how curiosity shows up in work and life — and this week, we manage to cover them all! Alison Horstmeyer, Ph.D. is a talent development facilitator, executive coach, and humanistic researcher with particular interest in workplace curiosity.

Her research on curiosity in a VUCA world [volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous] drew me to her — and her real-world workplace experience on how this all plays out kept me with her. I think it will do the same for you.

Spoiler alert: it’s a hopeful view — and our curious brains are built for these VUCA times!

Listen to Choose to be Curious #135: Curiosity in the Workplace, with Alison Horstmeyer

Find Alison Horstmeyer at USC’s Annenberg Center for Third Space Thinking and check out this Forbes article.

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