Dynamic Equilibrium: Curiosity & Color, with Bryan Jernigan

“It’s really, really important to say, ‘What if? — What if I do this with this tool? — What if I do that with this paint?'” ~ Bryan Jernigan

Watching the multi-colored wonder of sunrise, an idea dawned: what would a conversation about curiosity and color reveal? Artist and teacher Bryan Jernigan seemed the perfect person to ask. Proof that asking surprising questions will always yield good conversation…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #137: Dynamic Equilibrium: Curiosity & Color, with Bryan Jernigan

Many thanks to Bryan Jernigan for the use of Each and Every One, below. Check out Bryan’s wonderful work, and the Old Town Crier story that caught my eye last summer. Never let good local media go to waste!

I found Bryan Jernigan — and countless other wonderful local artists — via Arlington Arts Virtual Studio Tour, a great way to discover creatives in our community.

Neuroscientist Jacqueline Gottlieb knows a thing or two about paying attention. I thought of our conversation often in preparing this episode.

Thanks to Sean Balick for our theme music.  “A Minor Etude” by Blue Nocturnal and “Chromium Blush” by Ray Catcher, both via Blue Dot Sessions. 

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