Dialogues on Race & Equity, with Samia Byrd

That’s the work. It’s asking these questions, to get to a different outcome.” ~ Samia Byrd

Samia Byrd, Arlington’s Chief Race & Equity Officer, is guiding the county through a period of personal reflection and systemic review as we take on racism and the inequities that accumulate in its wake.

How might choosing to be curious move those conversations forward?

Listen to Choose to be Curious #136: Dialogues on Race & Equity, with Samia Byrd

Learn more about Arlington County’s equity efforts and Challenging Racism’s Dialogues on Race & Equity.

Arlington Magazine did a nice Q&A with Samia when she first took on her new role.

Want a deeper dive? Here’s my interview with Christian Dorsey and the two part series on Arlington’s Challenging Racism program (part 1, part 2).

Theme music by Sean Balick; “Jog to the Water” by Duck Lake, via Blue Dot Sessions

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