Compassionate Curiosity & Death, with Valoria Walker

“Empathy causes you to sit and listen to people — to help, and honor them. That’s what we want.” ~ Valoria Walker

Some time ago I was at a STEM event for middle schoolers, talking about curiosity — in particular, their curiosity about death. That got me thinking: how does curiosity show up around death? Doula by Destiny founder Valoria Walker joins me to explore how choosing to be curious about death might help us acclimate to the inevitable — and how compassionate curiosity helps her in her work.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #143: Compassionate Curiosity & Death, with Valoria Walker

Valoria Walker, founder of Doula by Destiny, is an end of life doula and advance care planning trainer.

Check out Valoria’s contribution in the O Magazine feature on death.

To join the conversation normalizing death, find a Death Cafe, or check out DeathPositive groups near you.

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This show first aired on WERA-LP in May 2021; it has been refreshed for redistribution, August 2023.

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