What If? Counterfactual Curiosity, with Lily FitzGibbon

“With counterfactual curiosity, we have a particular interest with our own choices and our own actions — and their consequences.” ~ Lily FitzGibbon

Have you ever felt a burning desire to know what might have been, had you chosen a different course of action? That’s “counterfactual curiosity” — the desire to know about possible alternative outcomes — and it can sometimes cause us pain and regret.

So why have it?

Dr. Lily FitzGibbon, postdoctoral research fellow at the School of Psychology and Clinical Language Sciences at the University of Reading (UK), helps me understand better. 

Listen to Choose to be Curious #145: What If? Counterfactual Curiosity, with Lily FitzGibbon

More about Lily FitzGibbon’s research here. And this is the article that caught my eye about people’s willingness to incur a cost to experience regret.

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