Rebel Leadership, with Larry Robertson

“In order to encourage curiosity, you need inquiry.” ~ Larry Robertson

Most of our ideas about leadership are woefully inadequate for the world as we now know it. In his new book Rebel Leadership: How to Thrive in Uncertain Times, innovation advisor Larry Robertson helps us rethink what’s needed in our “new abnormal” — including how cultures of inquiry and curiosity contribute to our collective success. Such a timely conversation as we mark the radical rethinking that came with the birth of our fragile democracy.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #147: Rebel Leadership, with Larry Robertson

BONUS: Larry and I talked much longer and more widely than I can accommodate in one episode. I can’t bear for you to miss out on his insights, so here’s a little bonus pack, with lessons gleaned from Naomi Osaka and others, in honor of rebel leadership everywhere.

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Our theme music is by Sean Balick; “Curio” by Vacant Distillery via Blue Dot Sessions.

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