Our Man in Arlington, Charlie Clark

“It’s surprising who’s interested in history — it’s not everybody.” ~ Charlie Clark

I wondered: how might curiosity help me understand my community better – or help me better my community through understanding? Local author, journalist and historian Charlie Clark joins me to talk Arlington history.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #154: Our Man in Arlington, Charlie Clark

Charlie Clark has two new books out — Lost Arlington County and George Washington Parke Custis: A Rarefied Life in America’s First Family.

Like old movies? Charlie brought us this 8mm film of Arlington, 1959.

Lots of great places to learn more about Arlington history: Arlington County’s racial history timeline, Arlington Historical Society, Black Heritage Museum of Arlington, walking tour of Clarendon (aka “Little Saigon”). Want even more? Listen to my conversation with Wilma Jones about her family and Halls Hill — or Susan Strasser and Marcia Cole and their Double Take on Lynching.

Theme and other music by Sean Balick.

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4 thoughts on “Our Man in Arlington, Charlie Clark

  1. Hi, Charlie, This is a lovely site! AHS would be happy to show it off for you on AHS social media….

    1. Thanks for visiting and listening! Charlie was a delightful guest. Feel free to share. Many thanks to Arlington Historical Society for all that you do!

    2. Hi can charlie Clark scan the photo of Wilson Pickett at Yorktown HS in 1969 and email it to me? Vcvdc at msn dot com

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