Choose to be Curious Tribute

After the release of each episode I thank my guests for joining me on my curiosity adventure. I feel deeply indebted to them for sharing their insights and allowing me — us! — a seat at the table as they find their way through the many, varied and splendid layers and flavors of curiosity.

Last night, at the close of the Arlington Independent Media Annual Meeting, the tables turned when staff and volunteers shared this AMAZING tribute to Choose to be Curious and the journey I —we!— have been on. Please take a moment to watch. (6 min)

Special thanks to Antonio Villaronga, Jackie Steven, Kate McCauley, Micaela Pond, Philippa Hughes, Demian Perry and Ronald Young, Jr. My cup is very, very full.

Catch the featured guests’ interviews!

Listen to Choose to be Curious #1: Education & Learning – with Micaela Pond

Listen to Choose to be Curious #19: Curiosity and Adolescence – with Kate McCauley and Michael Swisher.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #90: Storytelling: A Curious Tale, with Ronald Young, Jr.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #122: CuriosityConnects.Us with Philippa Hughes

Listen to Choose to be Curious #125: Curiosity Out on the Town, with Demian Perry.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #139: Humble Inquiry for Parents, with Kate McCauley

I am honored that Choose to be Curious has been selected as the 2021 Best Community Radio Informational Talk Show Series by the Alliance for Community Media’s annual Hometown Media Awards. Please check out other winners and support community media!

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3 thoughts on “Choose to be Curious Tribute

    1. Thank you — it’s a love letter to everyone who has ever participated. Wouldn’t be a show without the generosity of my guests!

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