Getting to Carbon Neutral with Curiosity, with Helen Reinecke-Wilt

“My house has been my learning laboratory. I’ve become a sort of building scientist.” ~ Helen Reinecke-Wilt

Arlington County Sustainability Planner Helen Reinecke-Wilt joins me to explore how choosing to be curious about our environmental impact helps Arlington achieve its goal of carbon neutrality. Might curiosity literally save the world?

The whole climate change topic is so overwhelming to people that you feel sort of powerless, but there really are some significant things you can do to try to reduce your environmental footprint.

Just in time for Earth Day! Listen to Choose to be Curious #167: Getting to Carbon Neutral with Curiosity, with Helen Reinecke-Wilt

Learn more about the Arlington Initiative to Rethink Energy, including the GreenHome Choice program, information on electric vehicles (EVs), the residential solar power cooperative, Arlington’s Community Energy Plan, and that EV charging map.

Check out the great work of EcoAction Arlington, which serves to protect and improve water, air, and open spaces in the Arlington community and nearby areas by promoting stewardship of our natural resources and connecting all residents to practical solutions that achieve a sustainable lifestyle.

I first learned about Arlington Public Library’s Energy Lending Library from my conversation about checking out curiosity at the library with the delightful Jennifer Rothschild.

Theme music by Sean Balick. “A Certain Lightness” by Migration via Blue Dot Sessions.

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