Paying Attention to Our Bodies, with Eva Meier

“You can often physically feel the difference, if you’re just tuning in to yourself.” ~ Eva Meier

We’ll only ever get one body, change tho’ it may with time. Can we get to know our bodies better? What’s going on, why, and how might we work with what we’ve got? Personal trainer and founder of The Line Method Eva Meier joins me for a conversation about putting curiosity to work for our bodies, and for ourselves.

Our bodies, our attention!

“It starts with creating the foundational level of trust and helping people have a space where they can feel comfortable to explore what’s going on in their bodies… Once people get there, things just unlock.”

Listen to Choose to be Curious #168: Paying Attention to Our Bodies, with Eva Meier

Check out The Line Method and see what Eva has to offer.

Listen to the conversation with Dr. Nicole Rochester about health advocacy that originally caught Eva’s attention.

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Theme music by Sean Balick. “Are We Loose Yet?” by Body Tonic via Blue Dot Sessions.

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