Spiritually Curious, with Rev. Bryant Oskvig

“We look at a lot of people who are out there on the front lines doing the work – they tend to be people of faith, individuals who are willing to sacrifice self-interest for the benefit of others. Why would they do that? Because they believe in something.” ~ Rev. Bryant Oskvig

Choose to be Curious intern Reed Weiler takes the helm, inspired by his own pandemic-era journey of reflection and spiritual insight. What might be possible if those efforts were made at scale? How is social justice advanced by our being spiritually curious? Reed turned to American University chaplain Rev. Bryant Oskvig to explore those questions and so many more…

How do I see myself in the position of another and challenge my assumptions such that I can be as holistic and supportive a person as I can be? How do I keep my imagination alive?

Listen to Choose to be Curious #170: Spiritually Curious, with Rev. Bryant Oskvig

I asked Reed to reflect on his production and editorial experience. Like so many things done well, creating a show like this is much harder than it looks. Reed had many thoughtful things to say, but here’s what I loved most: when we met over lunch at the end of his internship, he said the internship (and the interview) had changed him. He thinks differently as a result of it all.

That, my friends, is the whole point.

I hope you find this conversation spurs your thinking in new and fresh directions. Pursue those impulses. Like life, push. Find.

You know: choose to be curious.

Read more on Rev. Oskvig and American University’s Abraham S. Kay Spiritual Life Center.

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