Blending & Normalizing: Curiosity, Quilts & Juneteenth, with Andi Cullins

“I’ve always been attracted to what is different, and maybe that’s because I was different.” ~ Andi Cullins

Textile artist Andi Cullins considers herself the “Grandma Moses of quilts.” Her lush and distinctive “2nd Life” quilts certainly support the premise. We explore the common threads connecting curiosity, her art, and Juneteenth. A joyful celebration of our collective and very human creative instincts.

How do you understand this is part of your culture, too? How do you normalize this in your own mind and say: This is part of the entire landscape?

Listen to Choose to be Curious #171: Blending & Normalizing: Curiosity, Quilts & Juneteenth, with Andi Cullins

In 2021, Andi Culln’s work was selected for a “virtual exhibition” by Prince George’s County department of Parks & Recreation, in commemoration of Juneteenth. It’s a wonderful sampling of her artistry — and her vision for the rest of us.

See more of Andi’s artistry on her Facebook page, 2nd Life Quilters Collection.

Creating any “second life” is good for all of us. Here’s some research that points to the importance of novelty and curiosity as we age: “Curiosity in old age: A possible key to achieving adaptive aging” by Michiko Sakai, Ayano Yagi and You Murayama. “The Benefits of Maintaining a Curious Mind in Older Age” by Mary Whatley, Psychology in Action, February 2020.

Theme music by Sean Balick. “Patched In” by Studio J, via Blue Dot Sessions

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