Curiosity, Science & Humor Walk into a Bar…, with Kasha Patel

” Comedy is just a form of communication. I think it’s like Level Two communication.” ~ Kasha Patel

Kasha Patel is a triple threat: scientist, journalist and stand-up comedian, the perfect person to join me for a conversation about the rich alchemy of leaning into all three.

Kasha Patel is the deputy weather editor for the Capital Weather Gang at The Washington Post, covering weather, climate change and the environment. Before joining The Post, she produced news stories, videos and features about the Earth sciences, climate change and satellite research for NASA. And, she’s a stand up comedian. Funny, smart, with a vision for how curiosity, science and humor can help us all, wherever we are.

“In order for me to understand why some people don’t think ‘this’ way or believe the science fact, I have to explore what they do think and the reasoning behind it.”

Listen to Choose to be Curious #178: Curiosity, Science & Humor Walk into a Bar…, with Kasha Patel

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