Apprenticeship as a Curiosity Practice, with Rich Maxham, Danny Smith & Katy Clune

Danny Smith and Rich Maxham share a passion for violins. In a lovely and powerful apprenticeship partnership, Rich learns Danny’s luthier craft, but Danny will tell you he’s learning from Rich as well.

It’s apprenticeship as a joyful joint curiosity enterprise.

Special thanks to Katy Clune, director of Virginia Humanities’ Virginia Folklife Program, for facilitating this and so much else, and to Rich for his impromptu basement violin concert.

For most of these traditions — and artists who are masters of a given craft and the people who want to learn with them — the well of curiosity is endless.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #179: Apprenticeship as a Curiosity Practice, with Rich Maxham, Danny Smith & Katy Clune.

Learn more about the Virginia Humanities’ Virginia Folklife Program. (And if you’re reading this right after release, check out the Richmond Folklife Festival this weekend!)

I agree with Danny that Rich is going on to still greater things. We can keep an eye on him here. 🙂

The Virginia Humanities apprenticeship program caught my eye because my friends at Architecting Curiosity had primed me to think about the power of apprenticing in curiosity. Listen to my conversation with Anthony Rocco, Monica Canfield-Lenfest and Pim Schachtschabel.

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