Curiosity in Service of Ending Period Poverty, with Eva Marie Carney

In 2017 Eva Marie Carney read a news story that changed her life. I invited her to share how being open to new information — and how allowing that information to influence not only her thinking but also her actions — has enabled her to change other lives as well.

This is an exploration of curiosity, very much as-applied. Curiosity, in this case, in service of ending period poverty. 

My question was: Can this be an organization that is inclusive, can it–with its indigenous roots–have a certain amount of credibility? And how can we communicate in a way that makes those who would want to help appreciate how qualified…how lovely…how intelligent…how successful…how beautiful these students are? 

Listen to Choose to be Curious #192: Curiosity in Service of Ending Period Poverty, with Eva Marie Carney

Eva Marie Carney founded The Kwek Society, which provides pads, tampons, liners, and underwear, along with educational materials and moon time bags filled with supplies to Indigenous students and communities needing these expensive menstrual supplies. Learn more here:

This is the story that propelled Eva Marie Carney to action: Why Many Native American Girls Skip School When They Have Their Periods.

Music this week: “Easement” and “Thirteens” by Bulwark, and “Great is the Contessa” by Contessa, all, via Blue Dot Sessions.

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