Dean Rogers of The Rogers Revue talks about curiosity and celebrity on Choose to be Curious

Celebrity – with Dean Rogers

“I’m always curious about the idea — the genesis — what were they doing when that song came into their head?”

~ Dean Rogers

What is it about celebrities that so excites our curiosity – and might we learn anything from them, or about ourselves? Dean Rogers, entertainment news journalist and founder of The Rogers Revue, tells all!

Listen to Choose to be Curious #60: Curiosity & Celebrity with Dean Rogers

The great American literary figure Lemony Snicket says, “Being curious is the most important part of being a journalist. It might be the most important part of being anything.” Entertainment news reporter Dean Rogers and “hard news guy” Drew Costley would hardly disagree. This week’s “Curiosity to Go” pairing was easy: two journalists, one shared passion for telling the world’s stories. A little, five minute taste of two delightful conversations…

Listen to Curiosity to Go, Ep. 33: Inquiring Minds

More on Dean Rogers and The Rogers Revue, here.

Listen to  Drew Costley on Curiosity  & Journalism.

More about Todd Kashdan’s work on the five dimensions of curiosity, here.

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