Curiosity Studies: A New Ecology of Knowledge, with Perry Zurn, PhD

“I can’t wait to see what else I don’t know about curiosity.” ~ Perry Zurn 

When I first interviewed Perry Zurn, American University professor of philosophy and connoisseur of curiosity, I had been following his work with interest and looking for ways to connect. In preparing for that conversation on the very political nature of curiosity I learned that, along with anthropology professor Arjun Shankar, he was co-editing an anthology called Curiosity Studies: A New Ecology of Knowledge.

That sounded like the academic version of my own show — and I was thrilled to be invited in on the project.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #115: Curiosity Studies, with Perry Zurn, PhD.

What I Learned: I am a very long way from exhausting this topic. It’s hard to imagine when or how it ever ends. Every conversation begets another, every idea, too.

I knew this. But, thanks to Perry, I feel it in my bones.

What I Loved:  I am a very, very long way from exhausting this topic! 🙂

That, and I got to use contributor Amy Marvin’s marvelous bread analogy. My heart broke with each rich morsel I left on the cutting room floor in producing this series. I am tickled to have picked this one up and included it here!

Curiosity Studies coverPerry Zurn is the eleventh in my series of interviews with the contributing authors to the anthology Curiosity Studies: A New Ecology of Knowledge (University of Minnesota Press, 2020).  This show is timed with the release of the book. Be sure to get your copy and stay tuned for more episodes. Check out the depth of resources available on the Manifold site that accompanies the book.

Listen co-editors Perry Zurn on the political nature of curiosity, and Arjun Shankar on the capitalist curiosity and the related challenges on college campuses today. 

Our theme and other music is by Sean Balick . “Town Market” by Onesuch Village via Blue Dot Sessions.

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Take up the quest of curiosity bravely.-2

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