Voicing Curiosity, with Carol Cadby

“The way that we know that curiosity is genuine in somebody’s voice is that they have tapped into this real desire, this real drive, this real motivation.” ~ Carol Cadby

How we say anything, how we punctuate our statements grammatically and verbally, all have tremendous impact on how we are heard and understood.

So how do we say something in such a way that others hear curiosity? Actor, director, educator and executive coach Carol Cadby joins me to explore voicing curiosity.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #116: Voicing Curiosity, with Carol Cadby

This episode first aired on WERA-LP in April 2020; refreshed for redistribution, August 2023.

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Our theme and other music is by Sean Balick . “Great Great Lengths” by The Ballonist, via Blue Dot Sessions.

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