James Danckert Is Curious About Boredom

“Things that lead you to become curious or things that lead you to become bored are going to be very, very different, but what they share in common is this push to explore your world.” ~ James Danckert

Boredom: we’ve all felt it — and chances are pretty good we don’t really understand it.

James Danckert Ph.D., professor and head of the cognitive neuroscience research area at the University of Waterloo, will persuade you boredom serves a purpose, and its interface with curiosity is especially intriguing.

Boredom, it turns out, is fascinating.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #119: James Danckert Is Curious About Boredom

More of James Danckert’s work here, and check out the newly-released Out of My Skull: The Psychology of Boredom by James and John D. Eastwood, of the Boredom Lab.

Listen to my conversation with neuroscientist Jacqueline Gottlieb, serendipitous muse of this episode.

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