Curiosity in Work & Life, with John Green

“I’m always thinking about: What are people dreaming about? What are they reaching for? And then, what’s getting in the way?” ~ John Green

How on earth to mark the 150th episode of this curiosity adventure? With this delightful, surprising, fresh exploration of one man’s commitment to centering curiosity in — you guessed it — work and life.

I am indebted to John Green. What do curiosity, pedagogy, conflict resolution and hair cutting have in common? You tell me…

Listen to Choose to be Curious #150: Curiosity in Work & Life, with John Green.

John Green’s curiosity manifests in his salon work, Columbia University’s program on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution and in his involvement with Sudbury-style schools (visit Fairhaven School here ).

Check out the fascinating intersection of curiosity and boredom in my conversation with James Danckert.

Thanks to Sean Balick for our theme music. “Home, Home at Last” by Warmbody via Blue Dot Sessions.

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