Studio PAUSE, with Sushmita Mazumdar

“What are we not doing when we think curiosity’s going to kill the cat?” ~ Sushmita Mazumdar

I’ll be forever grateful to Virginia Humanities for helping me find my way to artist, writer and educator Sushmita Mazumdar and her Studio PAUSE, an inviting place that provides time and space for Arlingtonians to explore creativity and celebrate community.

It is, in my mind, a most marvelous curiosity enterprise.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #149: Studio PAUSE, with Sushmita Mazumdar

Check out Studio PAUSE and Sushmita’s personal website, and the We PAUSEd Book project.

Virginia Humanities helps all Virignians tell their stories. Consider supporting their efforts here.

Theme music by Sean Balick. “A Burst of Light” by Delray via Blue Dot Sessions.

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