Architecting Curiosity, with Pim Schachtschabel, Monica Canfield-Lenfest & Anthony Rocco

“Architecting Curiosity” turns out to be a pretty fabulous way to think about choosing to be curious. It is also a community and school with which to practice and train our natural muscle of inquiry.

I decided to enroll.

Architecting Curiosity founders, experience designers all, Pim Schachtschabel, Monica Canfield-Lenfest and Anthony Rocco were my most marvelous teachers and guides. This is but a taste of what time with them is like… 

Listen to Choose to be Curious #159: Architecting Curiosity, with Pim Schachtschabel, Monica Canfield-Lenfest & Anthony Rocco

Pim, Monica and Anthony have distilled building that curiosity habit into six elegant principles:

OBSERVING – using all our senses to notice what’s around in the moment

SUSPENDING – temporarily being open to the possibility of something new

APPRENTICING – using our beginner’s eyes, mind and heart to learn by doing

RITUALIZING – exploring a sequence of activities with real intention

GRACING – acting with beauty, love, humor and ease

FLOWING – moving smoothly and continuously from moment to moment

For more about Architecting Curiosity: here or on LinkedIn. Learn more about upcoming course registration here.

Theme music by Sean Balick. “Slow Lane Lover” by Barstool via Blue Dot Sessions.

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