Curiosity in Restorative Justice, with Kimiko Lighty

“It is absolutely impossible to hold a restorative disposition without a really sincere and deep curiosity for what is going on.” ~ Kimiko Lighty

Arlington County’s restorative justice efforts strive for an equitable, empathetic community that honors the dignity and humanity of all people and creates pathways for belonging, healing, accountability, and growth. Restorative Arlington coordinator Kimiko Lighty explains how central curiosity is to the work.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #160: Curiosity in Restorative Justice, with Kimiko Lighty

“These practices are rooted in indigenous knowledge. So there is something new and radical about restorative justice, but there is also something very old and intuitive about it as well.”

To learn more about Restorative Arlington, check out the County’s resources here.

This piece from George Mason University inspired this conversation. I’m grateful to GMU for their partnership with Arlington County in this effort.

Theme music by Sean Balick. “Turning on the Lights” by Speakeasy via Blue Dot Sessions.

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