Sanity, with Tanmoy

When you superimpose [curiosity as a colonial construct] onto how curiosity is sought to be actively stifled in the mental health ecosystem, you realize how little things have changed.” ~ Tanmoy

This started as a conversation about how curiosity shows up in mental health, but New Delhi-based independent journalist Tanmoy took us to post-colonialism property ownership, sussing out the boundaries of allowable questioning, our bias toward answers, and what we can learn from our kids.

Curiosity and sanity, through a whole new set of lenses.

With the pandemic, we’ve realized that when you don’t get accurate information — when you don’t get the right answers to life or death questions — how deadly that can be. So we have a real chance of appreciating curiosity as the quite literal life blood that it is.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #161: Sanity, with Tanmoy

This episode first aired on WERA-LP in January 2022. It has been refreshed for distribution via Pacifica Radio Network for June 2023.

Looking for a mind at work? To revel in Tanmoy’s, visit Sanity by Tanmoy. (On air, I can’t make an endorsement, but I’m not so limited here: please join me as a subscriber!)

DIG IN: Tanmoy read from the work of Simon Jarrett, Those They Called Idiots.

Theme music by Sean Balick. “Mind Body Mind” by BodyTonic via Blue Dot Sessions.

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