Solutions Journalism: An Exercise in Curiosity, with Marie von Hafften

“We see that solutions journalism reporting holds our communities and our leaders accountable in a different way.” ~ Marie von Hafften

Research suggests that journalism focused on solutions outperforms problem-focused news. “Solutions Journalism” feels more interesting, trustworthy, uplifting — and inspires people to get involved. Marie von Hafften of the Solutions Journalism Network joins me to explore the role of curiosity and all-important trust in finding and telling those stories.

You know you’re reading a solutions journalism story when it… focuses on a response to a serious social challenge…has some transferrable insight…has evidence and data…and illuminates limitations or shortcoming of the response.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #162: Solutions Journalism: An Exercise in Curiosity, with Marie von Hafften

Today’s Curiosity Practices Harvest: Ask “who is doing it better?” – and then go where that takes you. Subject your own efforts to assessment and evaluation: are you having the impact you hope and/or intend? (Re)Think whom you consider the “experts” and where insights and solutions may reside.

Check out the Solutions Journalism Network, especially the fabulous Solutions Story Tracker. How many of these stories have you seen before? I was delighted to be familiar with a good number.

Here’s a good distillation: Top Ten Takeaways from the Newest Solutions Journalism Research.

And, from the archive: my conversation with journalist Drew Costley.

Theme music by Sean Balick. “Filing Away” by Crab Shack via Blue Dot Sessions.

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