The Art of Insubordination, with Todd Kashdan

“To go against the social pressure requires a great deal of courage, curiosity, as well as intellectual humility.” ~ Todd Kashdan

Psychologist Todd Kashdan wrote his book The Art of Insubordination to “elevate the value of curiosity, intellectual humility, and courage in public discourse, and to teach people how to amplify their voices and help others do the same.”

What I’m suggesting is that we bring this unconscious questioning and curiosity into the conscious level  and actually think about what the rules are, who made them, why should I follow them, what costs am I willing to absorb to do what is ethical, to do what is worthy, to do what is healthy.

Todd is intent on cultivating principled insubordination and pushing back against incuriosity.

I figured we should talk… 

Listen to Choose to be Curious #163: The Art of Insubordination, with Todd Kashdan

Check out The Art of Insubordination, and the rest of Todd’s work.

Here is my first interview with Todd, on the full bandwidth of curiosity, in all its fabulous dimensions.

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This episode aired first on WERA-LP in February 2022; it has been refreshed in May 2023 for distribution on the Pacifica Radio Network.

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