DataViz: Curiosity, Context & Insights, with Alli Torban

“That’s the goal. You want them to see ‘this is a context I didn’t know!'” ~ Alli Torban

Information design consultant Alli Torban believes visuals can help anyone understand anything. Data visualization has undergone a seismic transformation in recent years. What role does curiosity play in how we collect, present and absorb information? 

As a general rule of thumb, if I have a strong emotional response to a chart, I’m going to spend more time being skeptical of it.

Listen to Choose to be Curious · Ep. #164: DataViz: Curiosity, Context & Insight, with Alli Torban

Listen to Choose to be Curious #164: DataViz: Curiosity, Context & Insight, with Alli Torban

Check out Alli Torban’s website and her show, DataViz Today Podcast. And how about these pandemic-induced, historically-inspired “wallpapers”? offers resources and support to information designers and others working in data visualization.

Giorgia Lupi has had a big impact on popularizing “data humanism”. Here are her website, manifesto and the Dear Data project with fellow information designer Stefanie Posavec.

Perhaps not yet available in the US, but the book From Data to Stories helped define “insight” for Alli — and for me!

Theme music by Sean Balick. “Charcoal Lines” by Sketchbook via Blue Dot Sessions.

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