The Ultimate Exercise in Curiosity, with Filmmaker Antonio Villaronga

“Filmmaking is the ultimate exercise in curiosity because you start from nothing. You have maybe an idea of what you want to make — and that nothing turns into a script.” ~ Antonio Villaronga

I had no experience with audio, radio, production, editing — anything — when I first undertook this show nearly 7 years ago. But I was an eager learner, improbably on the cusp of being on-air. I had big ambitions and, like many newbies, I had no earthly idea just how big they were. I wanted to open my first show with reveille from the Joint Base Myer Henderson Hall. That shouldn’t be so hard, right?

Lucky for me, I teamed up with filmmaker, musician, composer, sound engineer and teacher Antonio Villaronga — and a friendship/mentorship was born.

When Antonio released his new narrative short film, You, Too, I wanted to be his first stop on the media tour. And so here we are! 

A good actor will ask really good questions…A simple question comes out of curiosity, and it opens up all kinds of different possibilities of how they might play that role.

Listen to Choose to be Curious #189: The Ultimate Exercise in Curiosity, with Filmmaker Antonio Villaronga

Check out the You, Too trailer and Antonio’s other work at Cineronga.

Visit Berkeley Springs Film Festival, the first to pick up You, Too.

Learn more about the Craft of Creativity from my conversation with Matt Cronin.

Theme music by Sean Balick; “Curio” by Vacant Distillery, via Blue Dot Sessions.

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